Solina String Ensemble, on the road with The Cure through "Bloodflowers"
Brooklyn Guitar Works:
Vintage Yamaha DX-7. All original, complete with it's full line of cartridges
and a nice collection of custom ones.
Roland Organ/Strings 09 RS-09. Simple, compact, analog, outstanding.
Roland SH-101. Funky, versatile, grey. The arpeggiator has brought me
much inspiration
Roland Juno-60. Brilliant.
Roland RS-09 V.1. Analog, harsh and solid.
Mellotron M4000D Mini. Haunting, evocative, otherworldly, classic.
Roland JD-990...Yes!
Roland Integra-7 -Supernatural, Motional Surround... Future Classic.
Mellotron M4000D Rack. As above with Balanced XLR & Headphone outs.
Roland XV-5080 -Film scoring time...